Beyer op.101 – part two



1st YEAR

Course description

In the second part of the Beyer op.101 course you will explore the entire keyboard and learn to read the bass clef. Ferdinand Beyer's op.101 is a neat and comprehensive course, perfect for those starting to study piano.

Course Structure

Exploring the keyboard

In the first module the hands explore different areas of the keyboard. First they move into the high register between the notes G and D, then underneath middle C, and finally into an even higher register, between the notes A and E. Since your hands change position often, you will improve a lot in reading music.

Lesson 35

Exercise 32

Lesson 36

Exercise 33

Lesson 37

Exercise 34

Lesson 38

Exercise 35

Lesson 39

Exercise 36

Lesson 40

Exercise 37

Lesson 41

Exercise 38

Lesson 42

Exercise 39

Lesson 43

Exercise 40

Lesson 44

Exercise 41

Lesson 45

Exercise 42

Lesson 46

Exercise 43

The rhythm is getting more interesting…

In the second module you learn to play the eighth notes and the 6/8 compound time. Your hands no longer play the usual five notes, but begin to open up and move. The rhythm of the exercises is more interesting and varied, and in the meantime you are halfway through Beyer's Opus 101! Half of the way is behind you, and half is in front of you.

Lesson 47

Exercise 44

Lesson 48

Exercise 45

Lesson 49

Exercise 46

Lesson 50

Exercise 47

Lesson 51

Exercise 48

Lesson 52

Exercise 49

Lesson 53

Exercise 50

Lesson 54

Exercise 51

Lesson 55

Exercise 52

Discovering the bass clef

Until now, your hands have remained on the right-hand side of the keyboard, the part that is written in the treble clef. Now you will learn to read the bass clef as well, your left hand will explore the lower register of the instrument. Step by step, you continue on your journey to the discovery of the piano.

Lesson 56

Exercise 53

Lesson 57

Exercise 54

Lesson 58

Exercise 55

Lesson 59

Exercise 56

Lesson 60

Exercise 57

Lesson 61

Exercise 58

Lesson 62

Exercise 59

Lesson 63

Exercise 60

Lesson 64

Exercise 61

Lesson 65

Exercise 62

Lesson 66

Exercise 63

Lesson 67

Exercise 64

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