Beyer op.101 – part three



1st YEAR

Course Description

The third part of the course is the most challenging, but also the most varied and amusing. The exercises lead you to discover the technique of the piano: scales and thumb passage, chords and arpeggios. You will learn to play in different keys, and explore the full range of the keyboard.


Major scale and thumb pass

In the first module you learn to play the major scale, thanks to the thumb passage technique. You will first play the C major scale, which is composed entirely of white keys, and then add the alterations, sharps and flats. You will also discover third and sixth intervals, as well as new rhythmic figures such as the triplet.

C major scale
Lesson 68

C major scale

Lesson 69

Exercise 65

Lesson 70

Exercise 66

Lesson 71

Exercise 67

G major scale and thirds intervals
Lesson 72

Exercise 68

Lesson 73

Exercise 69

Lesson 74

G major scale

Lesson 75

Exercise 70

Lesson 76

Exercise 71

Lesson 77

Exercise 72

Lesson 78

Exercise 73

Lesson 79

Exercise 74

D major, G major and C major scale
Lesson 80

D major scale

Lesson 81

Exercise 75

Lesson 82

Exercise 76

Lesson 83

Exercise 77

Lesson 84

Exercise 78

A major scale, acciaccatura expression mark
Lesson 85

A major scale

Lesson 86

Exercise 79

Lesson 87

Exercise 80

Lesson 88

Exercise 81

E major scale and review of other scales played so far
Lesson 89

E major scale

Lesson 90

Exercise 82

Lesson 91

Exercise 83

Lesson 92

Exercise 84

Lesson 93

Exercise 85

Inside the mechanism

In the second module you will learn to play sixteenth notes, held notes and double notes. In the exercises you will find changes of key and embellishments. You will frequently change the position of your hands. You will put the study of scales to good use by playing them in increasingly complex and fun pieces.

Sixteenth notes
Lesson 94

Exercise 86

Lesson 95

Exercise 87

Lesson 96

Exercise 88

Double notes
Lesson 97

Exercise 89

Lesson 98

Exercise 90

A minor scale
Lesson 99

A minor scale

Lesson 100

Exercise 91

Lesson 101

Exercise 92

Lesson 102

Exercise 93

F major scale
Lesson 103

F major scale

Lesson 104

Exercise 94

Lesson 105

Exercise 95

Lesson 106

Exercise 96

Lesson 107

Exercise 97

Lesson 108

Exercise 98

B♭ scale
Lesson 109

B♭ scale

Lesson 110

Exercise 99

The end of the journey. Congratulations!

In the third and final module of the video course you will tackle some longer and more challenging exercises. You will play sixteenth notes with both hands, you will encounter accidentals, chords and key changes. Finally, you will perform an exercise dedicated entirely to the chromatic scale. With these last pieces of work, your first exercise book comes to an end. It was a long and tiring book, but it taught you a lot about this wonderful instrument.

Lesson 111

Exercise 100

Lesson 112

Exercise 101

Lesson 113

Exercise 102

Lesson 114

Exercise 103

Lesson 115

Exercise 104

Lesson 116

Exercise 105

Lesson 117

Exercise 106

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