Buy Beyer op.101

  • You learn to play the piano starting from scratch
  • A well-organized, step-by-step course that is also perfect for adults
  • Get instant access to all lessons, forever
  • Over seven hours of video tutorials, always accessible on your smartphone, computer, tablet or smart TV

Beyer part 1

The first part of the course is ideal for starting to play the piano gradually and without effort.

€ 59,90

  • Perfect for beginners
  • An inexpensive way to try the course
  • Unlimited access to lessons 1-34, for ever

Beyer part 2

In the second part of the Beyer op.101 course, the hands move to different areas of the instrument and you learn to read the bass clef.

€ 59,90

  • Proceed with piano study
  • Unlimited access to lessons 35-67, for ever
  • Over two hours of video tutorials

Beyer part 3

In the third part of the course you learn the main scales, you play arpeggios and sixteenth notes. The exercises are more advanced and more fun.

€ 59,90

  • You study the most difficult pieces from Beyer op.101
  • Unlimited access to lessons 68-117, forever
  • Over 4 hours of video tutorials

Beyer full course

The right course to start playing the piano, also good for adults. The exercises are short and gradual, to improve step by step.

€ 149,90

The most convenient

  • You learn to play the piano from scratch
  • Immediate access to all lessons, forever
  • You save €30, it’s the cheapest solution
Edmondo landolfi


I had never studied piano before, before I bought the course I tried taking courses online, but after a few lessons I got lost and tired right away because they were unclear to me, then I tried the free lessons and was convinced.

They are very well done, the teacher explains very well, clearly and calmly even the tone of voice I find very reassuring. It relaxes me to take the video lessons.

Already from the first lessons I understood several things that before I had not understood even by reading books for beginning. I recommend it because it is well done, structured well, explains in a clear and understandable way and easy to follow, also the website is very well done.

Davide C

Before starting the course, I had never even put my hands on a keyboard. Of the video courses I have had a chance to evaluate in the web world, this is the only one that does not promise miracles or results in a few weeks. I am convinced that learning the difficult art of piano takes time and perseverance, I appreciated the honesty.

I have made more progress than I expected, even though I have just started. The lessons are clear and progressive in difficulty, so you are able, at the end of each one, to appreciate the progress you have made. I would recommend them because the results are consistent and tangible, lesson after lesson.

Davide C.

money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

I am sure you will enjoy the video course, so I am offering you the chance to try it for a week. If you don’t like the lessons you can ask for a full refund.

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