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  • You learn to read music, one step at a time
  • The sheet music will no longer scare you and it will be easier to learn new songs
  • Get instant access to all lessons, forever
  • Over five hours of video tutorials, always accessible on your smartphone, computer, tablet or smart TV

I bought the course because I decided to join my village band and I needed to learn solfege, I had never studied solfege before. I’ve made a lot of progress, now I can read music quite well and play the notes in the right tempos. For beginners like me it is really an invaluable help. Thank you Leo


Fabio Paggi

I studied guitar self-taught but had a lot of problems with music reading. The video course is explained very well, and even though I just started, I immediately got improvements.I recommend it to everyone who doesn’t want to spend huge amounts of money on a private teacher, also considering the hassle of going to the classes.


money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

I am sure you will enjoy the video course, so I am offering you the chance to try it for a week. If you don’t like the lessons you can ask for a full refund.

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