• C major key, time signature of 4/4
  • Five-finger technique (right hand)
  • Staccato chords (left hand)

1. Listen to the explanation

2. Initial study

  • Study the piece slowly, one hand at a time
  • Focus on the points where you have the most difficulties
  • For now, do not play the piece with two hands together

3. Playing with the video, 40 bpm speed

  • In the following videos you will find the execution of the exercise, one hand at a time, at a speed of 40 beats per minute (40 BPM)
  • Play the right hand part together with the first video. Then, play the left hand part along with the second video

Right hand, 40 bpm

Left hand, 40 bpm

4. Playing with the video, hands reversed

  • Go back to the first video again. This time, while I play the right hand part, you play the left hand part
  • Do the same with the second video: while I play the left-hand part, you play the right-hand part

Practice tips

  • For now, do not play at a higher speed but keep repeating with separate hands and at 40 bpm tempo
  • When you can play both parts smoothly, move on to the next lesson
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