1. Let's put our hands together.

  • Once you have studied the two parts well one by one, you can start putting the two hands together
  • At first, try to play with both hands together very slowly and also slow down even more if you need to
  • Next, try playing in time, following this metronome track. The speed is even slower than in the previous lesson, where you played at 40 bpm. We will start here at 30 bpm

2. Increasing velocity

  • When you can play with combined hands with the metronome at 30bpm, you can gradually increase the speed. Here are other metronome tracks with increasing speed
  • Practice patiently, don't try to increase your velocity in one day, but increase it gradually, day by day
  • Continue studying even with one hand at a time, before putting the two hands together at a higher speed

3. Playing with the video, 60 bpm speed

  • In the following videos you will find the execution of the exercise, one hand at a time, at a speed of 60 beats per minute (60 BPM)
  • Play the right hand part together with the first video. Then, play the left hand part along with the second video

Right hand, 60 bpm

Left hand, 60 bpm

4. Playing with the video, hands reversed

  • Go back to the first video again. This time, while I play the right hand part, you play the left hand part
  • Do the same with the second video: while I play the left-hand part, you play the right-hand part

Conclusions, an example with both hands together

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