Modern Piano 1

Lesson 22, Caruso

  • A minor key
  • Low difficulty

1. Listen to the explanation

2. Initial study

  • Study the piece slowly, one hand at a time
  • Focus on the points where you find the most difficulties
  • For now, do not play the piece with two hands together

3. Playing with the video

  • n the following videos you will find the execution using one hand at a time, slowly
  • Play the right hand part together with the first video. Then, play the left hand part together with the second video

Right hand

Left hand

4. Playing with the video, hands reversed

  • Go back to the first video again. This time, while I play the right hand part, you play the left hand part.
  • Do the same with the second video: while I play the left-hand part, you play the right-hand part.

Playing with two hands

Here is the performance of the piece with two hands. As you can see, I play slowly. Try to do the same and increase the speed little by little.

Completed lessons

If you have any questions about this lesson, write them in the comments section below.