Duvernoy op.176



2nd YEAR

Course Description

Duvernoy's Opus 176 is a collection of very beautiful and entertaining exercises, perfect for the second year of study. With this course you will improve your ability to read music and you will practice various technical aspects such as scales, arpeggios and chords. The course is varied and comprehensive, very effective and rewarding.


Parte one

Opus 176 by C. Duvernoy is divided into two parts. In the first part you will play mainly in the key of C major, or at least using a limited number of sharps and flats. The exercises focus on scales and chords, but you will also improve your hand independence and your ability to read the score.

Lesson 1

Five-finger technique

Lesson 2

Change of rhythm

Lesson 3

Theme and accompaniment

Lesson 4

Chords arpeggio

Lesson 5

On the G major scale

Lesson 6

Little piece in G major key

Lesson 7

On the F major scale

Lesson 8

Bichords and detached notes

Lesson 9

Similar motion and contrary motion

Lesson 10

On the D major scale

Lesson 11

In the form of a choral

Lesson 12

Chords arpeggio

Part two

In the second part of the course, you will start from the key of C major again, playing more advanced exercises. In particular, the left hand will have a much more active role, and you will play pieces with a greater number of alterations. You will discover waltz tempo, with two graceful exercises, and the rebate technique. You will also continue to improve in playing arpeggios and chords.

Lesson 13

C major scale and bichords

Lesson 14

On the A major scale

Lesson 15

Theme and accompaniment

Lesson 16

Held notes

Lesson 17

Waltz tempo

Lesson 18

A minor Waltz

Lesson 19

On the B♭ scale

Lesson 20

Rebated notes

Lesson 21

On the E♭ scale

Lesson 22

Legato and staccato

Lesson 23

Thumb pass and wrist rotation

Lesson 24

A study of staccato

Lesson 25

Rebated notes and change of finger

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