Give a music course as a gift

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An original gift that will make music lovers happy

Would you like to give an original and entertaining gift to a loved one? Choose one of the video courses available on this website: music courses for piano or all instruments, e.g. improvisation courses, harmony, solfeggio.

People who love music always want to learn new things. Instead of giving a useless object that will end up abandoned in a drawer, offer a music course as a gift and you will make the recipient happy.

Not sure how to choose?

If you don’t know about music and don’t know how to choose, no problem: I will help you find the right course. In any case, the recipient of your gift will be allowed to change the course for a different one that they like better.

There are lots of courses on the website, for all levels. Your gift recipient will have a wide choice.

How does it work?

  • Choose a music course, or write me if you want advice.
  • After the purchase you will receive a gift coupon, personalised with the name of the recipient of the gift, and the occasion.
  • I can deliver the coupon myself, or you can print it out and deliver it in an envelope, together with your greetings.
  • The coupon will contain the credentials to enter the site and access the course. The course does not expire and can be viewed from any device: smartphone, computer, tablet, smart TV
  • As an alternative to video courses, you can give music lessons as a gift.
You received a gift, online piano lessons
an example of the gift coupon


  1. It is an original and nice gift
  2. Music is a great passion and those who play always want to improve.
  3. It is an ecological gift: a video course does not waste resources and paper
  4. Don’t give away a useless object, which ends up in a drawer before becoming waste
  5. It is a flexible gift: the recipient can follow the lessons whenever and wherever they want. The courses do not have an expiry date.

Passion for music is a great gift

Music always gives you an emotion. A music course helps you to make progress and to be happier, and those who receive it will find new stimuli to cultivate the wonderful passion that is music.