Harmony Course part two



3rd YEAR

Course description

In the second part of the functional harmony course, you will discover how all types of four-voice chords work: seventh, 6, diminished and half-diminished chords, add2 and sus4 chords. You will also learn about numerous scales used both for composing music and for improvisation: major and minor scales, hexatonic scales and octophonic diminished scales.


Lesson 1

Harmonization of major scale, seventh chords

Lesson 2

The natural minor scale

Lesson 3

Harmonization of the natural minor scale

Lesson 4

Intherval theory

Lesson 5

Harmonization of the harmonic minor scale

Lesson 6

The melodic minor scale and the parallel scales

Lesson 7

Review of the chords found on the major and harmonic minor scale

Lesson 8

Sixth chords, slash chords, 7sus4 chords, add2 chords

Lesson 9

The minor cadence, examples from the jazz repertoire

Lesson 10

Chromatic scale, hexatonic scale, octophonic diminished scales

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