Jazz Solfeggio Course – part one



1st YEAR

Course description

Learn to read music, once and for all. The jazz solfeggio course is designed for the modern musician. The exercises are taken from the jazz, blues and rock repertoire. In the first part of the course you learn the position of the notes on the staff and the most common musical values.


Musical notes and the staff

In the first module, you will learn to read the notes on the staff and to know the values of semibreve, minim and quarter note.

Lesson 1

How the staff works

Lesson 2

The minim and the minim rest

Lesson 3

Quarter note and one-quarter rest

Lesson 4

How to memorise notes in spaces and notes on the lines

Lesson 5

The note D on the fourth line

Lesson 6

2/4 time

Lesson 7

Quarter rest on the first movement

Lesson 8

4/4 time and minim rest

Lesson 9

Combination of different values within the measure.

Lesson 10

Step motion: ascending and descending scale

Lesson 11

Different combinations in 4/4 time

Lesson 12

3/4 and dotted minim

Lesson 13

The note F on the fifth line

Lesson 14

Notes above the staff: the note G

Third, fourths and fifths skips. The notes below the staff.

In the second module, you will complete the study of sound extension signs: dotted notes, tie and fermata. You will also begin to read leger lines notes above the staff.

Lesson 15

3/4 time, Jazz Waltz

Lesson 16

The interval of thirds

Lesson 17

Sound extension marks: dotted minim and fermata

Lesson 18

Fifths skips

Lesson 19

Leger lines notes: the note A abow the staff

Lesson 20

Rests symbols and expression marks

Notes above the stave, the syncope figure

In the third module you learn to read notes above the staff. The exercises use a variety of skips, and the figure of the syncope is introduced, making the rhythm more varied and interesting.

Lesson 21

The difference between sound extension dot and staccato dot

Lesson 22

Leger line notes, above the staff

Lesson 23

Leger line notes: the note D above the staff

Lesson 24

Step motion and thirds skips

Lesson 25

Leger line notes below the staff: the note G below the staff

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