Jazz Solfeggio Course – part two



2nd YEAR

Course description

In the second part of the course you will learn to read the eighth notes, with exercises taken from the authentic jazz repertoire. You will also learn to read irregular groups such as the triplet, and various combinations of rests and notes.


The eighth-note

In the first module you wil learn to read the eighth notes. The exercises are taken from authentic jazz pieces and contain more interesting rhythms and larger jumps.

Lesson 26

Subdivision of the pulse, the eighth note

Lesson 27

The eighth note after a dotted quarter

Lesson 28

Eight note and tie

Lesson 29

Dotted quarter in different positions of the measure

Lesson 30

Anacrusic and thetic rhythm

Lesson 31

Fourth interval

Lesson 32

Typical phrases of the Swing era

Lesson 33

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth intervals

Lesson 34

Acephalic rhythm

Lesson 35

Rhythmic shift in the phrase

Lesson 36

The bebop style

Lesson 37

Seventh and octave intervals

Irregular groups, eighth note triplets

In the second module, irregular groups are introduced, in particular the eight-note triplet. This figure is used extensively in jazz music and is the key point of the solfeggio course - part two. You will learn how to read the triplet in different contexts, including together with rests and ties.

Lesson 38

Irregular groups, the triplet

Lesson 39

Triplets in 3/4 time

Lesson 40

Triplet in different positions of the measure

Lesson 41

Alternation between triplets and eight note phrases

Lesson 42

Eighth notes triplet and tie

Lesson 43

Eight note triplets and rests

Lesson 44

Rhythmic shift of the accent

Lesson 45

Triplet with rests and tied notes

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