Modern Piano Video Course, to play songs by reading chord symbols

The Modern Piano Course is growing and evolving

I have added to the course a section dedicated to sheet music and tutorials for playing famous pop songs in a simplified version.. In particular, you will learn how to arrange a song to play it on solo piano. These songs are already available and I will add more over time.

International Classics

  • A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum)
  • Imagine (John Lennon)
  • Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)
  • Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley)

Great Italian songs

  • Caruso (Lucio Dalla)
  • C’era una volta il west (Ennio Morricone)
  • La cura (Franco Battiato)
  • Io vagabondo (Nomadi)
  • Notte prima degli esami (Antonello Venditti)

Request your song, and I will prepare a customised score for you!

Is there a song you’d like to play on the piano but don’t have the sheet music or don’t know how to study it? Purchase the Modern Piano Course and request your favourite song. I will fulfil your request and you will get sheet music and my support to learn it.

The Modern Piano Course Programme

With the Modern Piano Video Course, you learn how to play triad chords in all tonalities and using inversions. You will then learn how to play a melody together with the most common chords and harmonic progressions, which you can use to play many songs.

In the third part of the course you can learn how to accompany on the piano, playing along with a singer with backing tracks of drums and vocals, while in the fourth part you will find sheet music and video tutorials to play many modern pieces and songs.

It’s the right course for you if:

  • You know how to play a few chords on the piano but do not feel confident in all tonalities
  • You want to learn how to play a melody along with the chords, instead of playing the chords with your left hand and the theme with your right hand
  • You want to recognise the most common harmonic progressions and be able to play lots of songs
  • You want to learn rhythmic patterns for accompaniment so that you will no longer play all songs in the same way
  • You want to test yourself by playing 9 famous songs together with a real singer, with the video-backing tracks

Corso di pianoforte moderno - suonare il piano usando le sigle degli accordi

The Modern Piano Video Course

pianoforte moderno parte uno

You learn to play chords and inversions in all keys, once and for all.

pianoforte moderno parte due

You can play the piano adaptation of classic Italian and international songs. Follow the video tutorial and download the sheet music.

pianoforte moderno parte tre

You learn how to accompany a singer on the piano and how to play with others, practising with backing tracks.

An effective method for playing the modern piano starting with chord symbols

  • The exercises are short and cover specific topics in a progressive manner
  • You learn to play in different keys and become familiar with the whole keyboard, not just the white keys
  • You play real songs and rhythmic patterns typical of pop, rock, reggae and other styles of music
  • You make real and lasting progress, from the very first lessons
  • A method to improve fastly, studying as a self-taught
Corso di Piano Jazz

Pianoforte moderno parte 1

You learn how to play a melody along with the chords and you practise along with the videos

€ 119,90

  • Learn to play modern pop, rock and song repertoire
  • You practice accompanying a real singer, with backing tracks
  • See the lessons on your computer, smartphone and tablet

Course topics

  • Lesson n.1 Major and minor chords
  • Lesson n.2 Diminished and augmented chords
  • Lesson n.3 Sus4 e add2 chords
  • Lesson n.4 Chords inversions
  • Lesson n.5 Melody harmonization: the major scale
  • Lesson n.6 Melody harmonization: descending major scale
  • Lesson n.7 Melody harmonization: practical examples, part 1
  • Lesson n.8 Melody harmonization: practical examples, part 2
  • Lesson n.9 I IV V I harmonic progression
  • Lesson n.10 I IV V progression, Twist And Shout (Beatles)
  • Lesson n.11 I IV V IV progression, La Bamba (Ritchie Valens)
  • Lesson n.12 I V IV V progression, La Canzone del sole (Lucio Battisti)
  • Lesson n.13 I VI II V, turnaround
  • Lesson n.14 I VI II V progression, Il cielo in una stanza (Gino Paoli)
  • Lesson n.15 I VI II V progression, Oh, Carol (Neil Sedaka)
  • Lesson n.16 I VI II V progression, Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers)
  • Lesson n.17 VI IV I V harmonic progression
  • Lesson n.18 VI IV I V progression, Zombie (Cranberries)
  • Lesson n.19 VI II IV V progression, One (U2)
  • Lesson n.20 I V VI IV progression, No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley)
  • Lesson n.21-28 Eight pop songs in ‘piano solo’ version. You too can request your favourite tune

About me

I started studying modern piano as an auto-learned, picking up from experienced musicians and records. After graduating in classical piano, I devoted myself entirely to jazz piano, studying the repertoire of jazz standards but also modern rock, pop, funky and blues music.

My mission is to teach music to those with passion, at any level. All you need to do to learn is to be patient and do the exercises that are right for you.

Write to me if you have any questions about the modern piano video course or if you want to tell me about difficulties that you cannot overcome and that prevent you from growing as you would like. I look forward to hearing from you!

Leo Ravera firma
money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

I am sure you will enjoy the video course, so I am offering you the chance to try it for a week. If you don’t like the lessons you can ask for a full refund.

Modern Piano Course
€ 119,90

You learn how to play a melody along with the chords and you practise along with the videos

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