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Kenny Rodgers, Green Green Grass of Home. A classic of Country Music

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[Monday Notes no.103] Green Green Grass of Home is a country music classic. The melody is beautiful and easy to remember, the lyrics are moving. A great American song, also for the theme it touches on. Let’s listen to Kenny Rodgers’ interpretation.

As is often the case in country music, the piece moves over a few chords: first, fourth and fifth scale degrees. The melody lingers on the notes of the chord, moving up gradually but always remaining within an octave. The form of the song is AAB, which is repeated three times.

Green Green Grass of Home spartito

The song tells of a man returning home, welcomed by family, friends and by the green grass of home. However, in the third verse the man wakes up, the reality is quite different: his was in fact the last dream of a man condemned to death. Friends and relatives will be numerous to welcome him, but it will only be his coffin that will touch the green grass of home.

There are many interpretations of Green Green Grass of Home, the most famous being those by Tom Jones and Elvis Presley, but this one is my favourite because Kenny Rodgers puts the story to the fore, his singing is quiet and almost whispered.

Despite its very simple harmonies, stylised arrangements and awkward cowboy hats, even country music has produced some great songs. Green Grass of Home belongs to this category, not least because of Kenny Rodgers’ inspired interpretation.

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