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video corso pianoforte beyer op 101
1st year - 34 lessons

Beyer op.101 - part one

Ferdinand Beyer's Opus 101 is the most widely used method for learning to play the piano. It is an easy course that allows everyone to take their first steps in studying the piano. Perfect for adults and for those who want to learn, even by themselves.

video corso di piano jazz
4th year - 34 lessons

Jazz piano course

A course to discover how jazz piano works. You'll learn typical jazz chords and you' ll put them into practice straight away by playing five classic jazz standards. You'll study solo piano techniques, how to accompany a singer and how to use your left hand, as well as ten typical jazz intros and endings.

video corso di pianoforte moderno
2nd year - 20 lessons

Modern piano course part one

A course for learning to play songs and the modern repertoire. You will study triad chords in all keys and inversions. You will play the most common harmonic progressions used in hundreds of songs. Finally you will practise accompanying on the piano, playing along with a real singer with backing tracks.

video corso di pianoforte mikrokosmos
2nd year - 36 lessons

Mikrokosmos vol.1

A fascinating and modern book. Mikrokosmos is an excellent choice for those who have already been studying for some time and want to make their study material more varied and interesting. The ideal method for those who want to improve their reading of the score, or whose goal is to play jazz.

Secondo anno di pianoforte Duvernoy op 176
2nd year - 25 lessons

Duvernoy op.176

A collection of very nice and fun exercises, perfect for the second year of study. You will improve in reading the score and in various technical aspects such as scales, arpeggios, chords. Duvernoy offers a very rewarding and effective study path and is perfect to prepare you for even greater difficulties.

video corso pianoforte beyer op 101
1st year - 33 lessons

Beyer op.101 - part two

In the second part of the Beyer course op.101 you explore the whole keyboard, your hands move to different areas of the instrument and you learn to read the bass clef. Rhythm also becomes more difficult. You will also learn to play eighth notes and compound times, preparing you for the third part of the course.

video corso pianoforte beyer op 101
1st year - 50 lessons

Beyer op.101 - part three

The third part of the course is the most challenging, but also the most varied and amusing. The exercises lead you to discover the technique of the piano: scales and thumb pass, chords and arpeggios. You learn to read and play in different keys, exploring the full range of the keyboard.

czerny op299 video corso
3rd year - 52 lessons

Czerny op.299

A video course dedicated to the study of advanced technique, for students from the third year onwards. Scales, arpeggios, octaves, five-finger technique and agility. Studying technique has never been so much fun. Czerny's method is systematic, concise and effective. You learn the essential technique for playing the classical and jazz repertoire.

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corso di improvvisazione jazz
4th year - 36 lessons

Jazz improvisation course - part one

The right exercises if you want to learn to improvise in a simple and systematic way. You will study the repertoire of jazz standards, gradually performing increasingly difficult exercises. You will learn the mechanics of improvisation in a natural way, thanks to a very effective working method, the result of years of teaching. One of the most popular courses on the site.

Video corso di armonia
4th year - 20 lessons

Harmony course - part three

With the advanced jazz harmony course, you'll learn the harmony of jazz standards, so you can play and improvise better. Starting with the harmonic analysis of a song, you'll learn how to use all the different chord types used in jazz, combined with the appropriate scales for improvisation. You will study all the dissonant chords as well as the modal scales typical of jazz music.

video corso di solfeggio jazz
1st year - 25 lessons

Jazz Solfeggio course - part one

Learn to read music, once and for all. The course is designed for the modern musician, the exercises are drawn from the jazz, blues and rock repertoire. Reading sheet music is easier than you think. In the first part of the course you learn the position of the notes on the staff and the most common musical values.

obiettivo musica
2nd/4th year - 22 lessons

Music Call - How to study music

In order to improve with your instrument, you need to learn to practise properly and not waste time on useless things. Regardless of what you play, with Music Call you will learn to improve in all areas: technique, ear, harmony, repertoire and improvisation.

corso di ear training header
2nd/3rd year - 15 lessons

Ear Training - part one

Don't neglect your musical ear, it is important to train and improve it. Learning to sing with your mind is essential if you want to improvise. With this ear training course you will develop your musical ear with fun exercises that you can repeat as many times as you like.

Videocorso di armonia
2nd year - 10 lessons

Harmony course - part one

In the harmony course you will learn how chords work, so that you can understand and play the pop rock and jazz repertoire. In the first part of the course you will discover the basic concepts of harmony: the major scale, triad chords, inversions and cadences. In each lesson you will find practical examples on the piano, exercises and downloadable worksheets.

Videocorso di armonia
3rd year - 10 lessons

Harmony course - part two

Discover how all types of four-voice chords: seventh, sixth, diminished and half-diminished chords, add2 and sus4 chords. You will also learn numerous scales used to compose music and improvise: major and minor scales, hexatonic scales and octophonic diminished scales.

video corso di solfeggio jazz
1st/2nd year- 20 lessons

Jazz Solfeggio course - part two

In the second part of the course you will learn to read the eighth note, with exercises taken from the real jazz repertoire. You will discover different types of rhythm and will learn to read irregular groups such as the triplet, as well as various combinations of rests and notes. You will make great progress in music reading.

video corso di solfeggio jazz
2nd/3rd year - 35 lessons

Jazz Solfeggio course - part three

In the third part of the course you learn how to overcome the main difficulties in reading modern sheet music. You will learn to read simple and compound times, cut times, irregular groups and syncopation. All the exercises are taken from authentic jazz, Latin, rock and blues pieces, so that you can get used to playing all types of music.

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